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Are you looking for online CNL programs to become a Clinical Nurse Leader? We have the tools to help you make this important decision.  Scroll down to compare available online CNL programs by GPA, tuition, tests, and more! Take our quiz to help find the right program for you.

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Nursing Is Men’s Work Too

When people talk about the need to create better gender diversity in mainstream business, they mean bringing in and elevating women. In nursing jobs, the opposite is true: men in nursing are in the minority.

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What education level is required to be a CNL?

You will need at least a MSN with a concentration in Clinical Nurse Leadership or a similar program. This is because a CNL needs to be a resource for their nursing team, and the MSN assures that a nurse is clinically competent to do that.  There are also Post-Master’s Certificate programs that will prepare any nurse already carrying an MSN degree for the CNL exam.

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